March 31, 2010

Top Ten Pitfalls of the Pregnant Potter - Part 1

I've come across other articles and blog entries about parenting and pottery, how to balance family and work, the challenges of finding studio time with young kids, etc. But, I don't know if I've actually seen anyone address the reality of pregnancy while making pottery. It seems like maybe it's time. So, here is a partial list of the unexpected challenges pregnancy brings to the studio.

1. Not being able to reach the bottom level of the kiln anymore because your stomach is in the way and having to go begging artists down the hall for help.

2. Sticking your stomach into the side of a large bowl or platter while throwing it. I guess this could be a benefit if you go for the "mark of the artist" in your work. In my case, it just ruins the peice.

3. Crushing the rim of a freshly thrown pot with your newly burgeoning bosom. Again, could be a new decorative technique.

4. Can't get your elbow to your hipbone to brace yourself when trying to center a large lump of clay. I know it's back there somewhere!

5. Can't lift a box of clay. My doctor recommended not lifting more than 25#. You've got to be kidding me! Again, the embarrassing need to go soliciting help.

And, I'm just in my fourth only gets better! I'll post the rest of the list later on in my pregnancy. Of course, by then maybe I'll be in that "serene" segment of my pregnancy with a "peaceful sense of wellbeing" and "radiant glow" (never happened with my first kid!) and won't feel like complaining anymore. Or, maybe I'll come up with the other 5 points in the middle of July when I'm standing outside in the heat and humidity doing art fairs in my 7th month. If you have personal experience, please feel free to add your comments if you feel I've missed anything important!


Amy Anderson said...

Oh Em! You are not making miss pregnancy even more! I'm sure you also feel the overwhelming need to pee right in the middle of throwing a pot too. I don't know much about the process but I wouldn't imagine it's the kind of thing you can just stop, leave, clean your hands/arms, run to bathroom, return and continue! And then you feel like you have to pee 10 mins later again. That's how it was for me at least! Feel free to rant and whine whenever you want!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the loading of the kiln got me. At least I had a home studio and Hubby was usually close by.
Being at craft shows while pregnant is also difficult with the bathroom trips.

Simply Playing said...

Em, I know you're whining, but you made me smile! Especially the part about the hips.

Emily Dyer said...

Oh yes, how did I forget to mention the constant bathroom trips.

Oh, and the clumsiness and constantly dropping or bumping things.

I won't even start on the morning sickness!

monica said...

Hi emily, I just stumbled upon your blog.

Good job on sticking with the studio. I abandoned all hope at 7weeks pregnant since all i would do is get nauseous and really sick.. and by the time I felt better my stomach was seemingly way passed my arms reach.

good luck!

Benpete said...


Something like this?

gina electric said...

I'm pregnant with my first, about ten Weeks now, and i was wondering if there were Abby health hazards i should be aware of (besides the usual everyday worries, dust, etc.)?