March 31, 2008

New designs in progress

Summer art fair acceptances are coming in, and I'm realizing how fast events are coming up. I'm moving into production mode, trying to make sure I'll have enough work ready in time! I'm really excited about the new designs I'm currently exploring. I've been pulling bits and pieces from antique applique quilt designs and re-interpreting them to use on the surface of my pots. The most recent series includes lots of fun birds, leafy sprigs, berries and dots. Here is a group of bisque fired pots fresh out of the kiln. I can' t wait to see the work glazed and finished!

Repeat and repeat again...

Watching my 15 month old son obsessively practise climbing up on a chair, turning around to sit, get down and then do it all over and over and over again has reminded me how important persistence and repetition is to learning a new skill. It's so easy to get frustrated in the studio when work doesn't come out right the first time. Or the second time. Or the third time. Problems with firings. Problems with glazes. Sometimes I want to give up. But watching Eli struggle and fall only to try again reminds me that this is the only way to grow. One day he's climbing up a short step, a few days later it's the chair on the porch. Today he climbed up the steps to the big slide at playgroup and slid down all by himself yelling wheeee!!!! I'm going to try to remember this as I make new work and start getting ready for summer shows. Just keep trying and remember that someday what I'm struggling with today will seem easy, to be replaced by new challenges.

March 26, 2008

Am I a blogger?

While I have been intrigued with the idea of blogging, I have been resistant to starting one. I already have enough trouble keeping my website updated with current events and work. However, with a napping baby upstairs, I have become obsessed with reading blogs of other ceramic artists and have been thrilled to find people like me facing the same kinds of issues trying to make a living and be creative. It has given me a strong sense of not being so isolated to hear about other artists challenges and successes. So...I'll give it a try!