March 27, 2010

Inspiration to Play!

I just finished watching Kristen Kieffer's new DVD: Surface Decoration: Suede to Leatherhard and loved it! Trying to balance being a mom with being a working artist means that every second I have in the studio is crucial and I don't often get the chance to attend workshops or classes. This dvd is like sitting in on a demo session with Kristen and seeing lots of great tips and techniques. Most of the techniques are things that I am familiar with, but it's always great to be reminded of them and to see how another artist uses them in their work. There were also a few great tricks that I hadn't seen before. Just the section on how she makes and uses stamps in her work was worth the price of the dvd! I have always loved Kristen's work and it was great to get a glimpse into how she works. The way her forms and surfaces work so seamlessly together is very inspiring to me. And, I love the richness of her decorative patterning, so elegant and fluid. I often get stuck spinning so fast on my "hamster wheel" (my husband's description of my work pace) trying to get enough work made that I don't allow myself time to play and have fun with my work, and this video is a good reminder to do that!


Simply Playing said...

I'm so glad you took the time for yourself to even watch the video! We all need reminders sometimes to give us a fresh outlook. Here's to more play time for you!

Emily Dyer said...

So true! It was actually kind of a guilty pleasure. I watched half of it during nap when I was supposed to be cleaning and half when the hubby and kid were out running an errand. Sad when a little stolen tv time feels like a true indulgence.

dkc said...

Hi -
Great video-Lots of really interesting surface treatments. If you don't mind me asking -what are you using for a colored slip and overglaze where you first applied a slip than carved thru it. Thanks for posting this video. Don Curtis