April 15, 2010

Starting from Seeds

Eli and I planted seeds this week. While vegetables rarely enter his mouth, he seems to be fascinated with the idea of growing things from seeds. Hopefully, this summer he may even try the veggies when they come out of the garden? We planted pumpkins (his choice), tomatoes, herbs and cucumbers. I would love to have a bigger garden, but we're nowhere near getting our yard to the point where we can set up a real garden and between art fairs and being pregnant I don't see it happening this year! As well as starting seeds in trays, I snuck a couple of flower pots home from the studio that were left from last summer. I started basil and oregano in them and they will look adorable in our red and pink kitchen.

This has inspired me to start a big batch of flower pots in the studio. I have one gallery that specifically requested them since they did well last year. I threw them yesterday, and hopefully they'll be glazed and ready to go in a couple of weeks. I'm also focusing on other garden inspired items...bud vases, taller vases and trays with garden motifs. I can't believe how early the MN growing season is starting this year with all the warm weather. Guess next I'll have to get going on berry bowls!

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