April 02, 2009

Happy Spring - Fired Up Coupon!

Happy Spring! Fired Up Studios is having a special coupon promotion from now through May 31, 2009. $5 off any purchase in their pottery gallery (print it out and take it with you for the discount). I have a special place in my heart for Fired Up after renting studio space there for a number of years. I started out renting a shelf and using studio wheels, then moved up to a shared private space, then into a full space and finally outgrew that to move into my own studio in my current building. I never would have had the opportunity to grow my clay business without such a supportive environment to set up shop in. Their gallery is a hidden treasure of the Twin Cities. You'll find work by many (30+?) clay artists in diverse styles and price ranges. I always have some work there (but you can buy anyone's with the coupon). They are hoping to let new customers know about their gallery. It's also a great place to rent space and take classes. Support independent local artists and a great business! 

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TheOldPostRoad said...

Your pottery is beautiful!