April 25, 2009

New work

After a week of grueling work on the new house trying to get it ready to move into next week I got a break while the floor guys came in to refinish the floors. I spend a few rushed days at the studio glazing work and loading two glaze kilns worth of work for upcoming deadlines. I unloaded the first load yesterday and was really happy with the work I pulled out. A lot of it is going to Edina Art Center next week for their Garden Party event, and some is going to Pewabic Pottery in Detriot for their June garden theme event. For these two shows I've been making lots of vases and even some flower pots! Here are a few highlights of new work. I'll unload a second load this weekend.
These plates are test pieces experimenting with using paper resist stencils to create a background layer before adding the stitching over the top. This seems like it has a lot of potential!

Here is a sampling of some new handbuilt vases for just a few flowers. Cute!

And, of course, what would a garden sale be without a few flower pots. Most of these need to go to the shows, but I think I need to make some more for myself! I don't want to let go of them. I'll be adding a few of these to my etsy store this weekend. 

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Nancy Raschka-Reeves said...

Your new pieces are fantastic!