March 13, 2009

Loosening up

In between selling a house and buying a house, I've been kind of stalled out on making work for a few weeks. The last few days I've been back in the studio feeling pressure to make up for lost time and also feeling like it's hard to get focused again. So, in between stretches throwing pots, I've been taking breaks to do some sketching to loosen up the creative block in my head. As always, once I just start working, I suddenly start having ideas again. It feels good to get some work started and I'm hoping to have a productive month because I know I'll be consumed with house renovation in April and moving in May and then before I know it, summer shows will be here. 


Aaron Sober said...


Work looks great. I see it everywhere! See you round the way.


Cara Lynn said...

Tulips! My favorite!