February 23, 2011

Where, oh where, have I been?

I can't believe how time has slipped by with a new baby around. I feel like I blinked and five months have gone by in a second. It's hard to get back to posting once you're out of the habit, plus a moment to myself to think feels rare these days. Baby Win (Edwin) was born on September 9, 2010. He's been a great baby, pretty mellow and generally happy. Eli turned 4 at the end of December and he's a really attentive big brother. Win thinks he's about the best thing around! Trying to manage everything both at home and the studio is definitely a LOT harder with two kids, but I'm trying to figure out the right balance.

I'm just really getting back to the studio in earnest. The boys will have childcare for a few afternoons a week and I'm really excited to get back to work. First thing is to start restocking after being out of the studio for the past 5 months (plus the last months of my pregnancy when I couldn't throw). Plus, I have a bunch of new ideas simmering.

While I haven't been back in the studio too much yet, I treated myself to a workshop in Chicago at Lillstreet Art Center earlier this month. It was two full days (my first weekend away from the baby) with Hiroe Hanazono, From Template to Mold. Her slip cast forms are amazing! I am currently coveting one of her multiple compartment serving trays. We learned her techniques for constructing forms for slipcasting and how to make multiple part molds. This is something I've always felt intimidated by so it was really great to see Hiroe's tips. I can't wait to make some test pieces in my class molds and to design some more pieces to try this technique on. I can't believe I carried two heavy plaster molds halfway across Chicago on foot, bus and train, and then home on the plane...and they both made it home safely.

I also drove down to Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN on Tuesday to give a demo and lecture to the beginning ceramics class. I graduated from Gustavus as a studio art major (I won't tell you what year!) and it was where I took my first ceramics class and fell in love with clay. It was fun to go back, see what had changed and share some of my techniques with the students.

Now, to get my hands back in the clay!

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Simply Playing said...

I can't wait to see the results of your molds Em!