June 11, 2008

One down...and it's crunch time!

Not the best photo, but here is a pic of my booth at Excelsior.
Thanks to my husband for the great new shelves.

Excelsior Art Fair this past weekend was really great! The crowds were large and enthusiastic. My booth did happen to be about 50 feet away from the bandshell which featured live music all weekend and it was REALLY LOUD! You just never know what you're going to deal with when you do an outdoor show. Still, despite not being able to hear anyone, I sold a bunch of pots and saw a lot of family and friends. And, luckily the weather cooperated and we didn't get the storms that kept threatening us. I was happy with how my new booth display worked out too. Now, I've been working like a crazy woman in the studio all week to get another load of pots glazed to restock for Stone Arch Festival this upcoming weekend in Minneapolis. It seems like there's never enough time to get everything done. I'm crossing my fingers for a good firing! If you didn't make it to Excelsior, stop by this weekend and see me at Stone Arch in booth #140. It's a fun Father's Day weekend outing. That area of Minneapolis has undergone redevelopment and there's a lot to do. Walk by the riverfront, take a walk across the Stone Arch Bridge and see the lock and dam. On the downtown side of bridge stop by the Guthrie and walk out on their lookout deck or visit the Mill City Farmer's Market (Sat.) or Mill City Museum. On a side note, they may start stocking my work in the Mill City Museum store later this summer or early Fall!
Hope to see you!

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Cara Lynn said...

I WANT IT ALL! I am going to have to start collecting the bird stuff! It's genius! I love it!

It was good to see you. I miss spending time with you. Come to Lincoln soon and we can visit the quilt museum and the tile maker I have bought from. :)