March 17, 2011

What once was lost...

I have been pretty good about sticking with my 15 minutes of organizing each day I'm in the studio. I'm starting to get past the surface clutter and move deeper into the abyss. It's amazing what I unlodged from hiding places in only about 20 minutes of studio purging and organizing this afternoon. The highlights:
• A whole batch of berry bowls thrown, wrapped in plastic, and then lost in the back of my wet rack. These must have been abandoned last summer in the third trimester of my pregnancy. Totally dried sad!
• My little metal decorating turntable which I have been looking for since I got back in the studio this year!
• A plastic tub filled with cut out hearts carefully wrapped in between layers of fabric and plastic. These were an abandoned valentine's day project from TWO years ago. Also totally dried out.
• A stash of sketches, including these super cute oval plate designs that I never made. These were a treat to discover. I don't even remember when I drew these, but I think now that I've found them again they will soon find their way onto the next batch of plates! I love the one on the far right with the ruffly leaf and crisscross flower/pod design.


Simply Playing said...

Those designs are great! I can't wait to see them on a finished plate. I'm so curious about this organizing course you're taking - it looks like it's working :)

Emily Dyer said...

It only started yesterday, so I haven't had long to get off track yet!

Lori Buff said...

What a great idea. Dedicating 15 minutes to cleaning and de-cluttering doesn't seem like a big investment in time but I'll bet the return is great. I'm going to try this.