October 27, 2008


I think having a toddler is the best reminder to be in the moment. I tend to get stuck "in my head" worrying about everything I have to get done, worrying about whether my pottery is good enough, whether I will have enough work done for my shows, will I ever make any money or will I have to go back to a "real" job (although in this economy, what does that mean anyway?), etc. It's easy to forget to appreciate all the things that I should feel lucky about. I've got a healthy kid, a husband that puts up with my business/obsession, a cute (albeit tiny) house, and I get to go to the studio and do exactly what I really love. Eli constantly reminds me to be in the moment as he gets excited about the little things that happen every day. We recently went to the farm to pick pumpkins and he's been excited about it ever since. Every time he sees his pumpkin in the porch he yells "pumpkintime!" I'm going to try coming into the studio and everytime I look at my happy pots, yelling "potterytime!"


Cara Lynn said...

Eli is such a doll. I wish we could spend more time together. Now I have to decide which ornaments to order! Your new stuff is so beautiful.

molly and geoff archibald said...

emily-i LOVE your flat ornaments. they remind me of grandma, especially the dove ones. :)

Cheri Dawn said...

What a sweet entry and reminder to live in the moment. Thanks!